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SEAA Road Relays, Milton Keynes – Sunday 24th March 2019

Anything could happen… #team outing! I felt labored all week fro racing /training but managed to get through the week relatively unscathed.  I was pretty sure  that I was coming down with virus and  just felt really exhausted.  Being the reliable stalwart to the club made sure that I would do my best I could […]

Milton Keynes 20 mile – Sunday 17th March 2019

Milton Keynes 20 Miler, A week on from the Barry 40, I wasn’t expecting much from the legs but used this  race and booked it as a hard training run to see what the legs could do in a 20 mile run.  Milton Keynes was windy like the previous week but at least dry for […]

Barry Track 40 Mile – Sunday 10th March 2019

The 33rd  Barry 40 mile,  ironically the thought of running  a track race with a 161 laps is a scary thought and always swore I wouldn’t do this. Mainly down to how it may have potentially caused some issues with my feet and legs with constant turns.  Anyway, decision was made with the coach at […]