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Samantha Amend - GB & England Marathon and Ultra Distance Runner

Grand Union 145 Miler, 3rd June 2022

by Sam Amend - 4th June 2022 | General News

Having run so many races recently and feeling recovery was going well, the GUCR was on ! it would be the furthest I had run in one go…

Race Organiser Write-up “Belgrave Harriers’ Sam Amend wins this Platinum Jubilee weekend in a new ladies record time of 25 hours 45 minutes! Ian Hammett is 1st Man, arriving at Little Venice in 27 hours 48 minutes ” Official results can be found here and the updated Hall of Fame here. With a few hundred entrants then onto the day we had before 6am 98 Starters and overall 53 Finishers.

Sam & Dick ( RD for GUCR 145)

This race wasn’t just about distance, a year today since my old coach Norman Wilson passed away. Challenging course with length and surface , diversions, navigation was key! , night time , humidity disorientation but a desire to get to that finish line! I made top 10 all time:…/results/hall-of-fame/

“Back in Time for Breakfast Saturday 4th June”

From the start to around 65 miles I had the pleasure of running with Ian Hammett, whom I meet at many long races and share chatting time with. We have a great way of supporting each other, banter and what an awesome crew we both had between us!! Indebted to my awesome friends that crewed all through and to Ellie, Matt , Dom and Trevor for running some endless miles with me to the end and keeping me safe! in the twilight shift popping up and getting me home safely. More importantly please to say I once again ”Nailed nutrition “

Cant thank my Crew, runners and Team enough, This one was for your Norm !