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Bupa 10,000m Race -25th May 2014

A nice little surprise when Alex and I bumped into my best pal and fab support Jo Smith who popped up on my birthday to watch the race.  What were the chances of that crossing each others path at Baker street and trip upto London from different trains.  This was a little long the course measurement  but […]

Manchester 10k – 19th May 2014

Manchester 10k was a scorcher weekend and exposed in the heat the slowest 10k for me in a long while and suspect a little run down with Jan  -April being race weekends and as this was for me a weekend way and a visit to Alex’s family it proved too hot.  I finished in 23rd […]

Coming back from Injury into running a marathon in 2014

Its been a long ride back from recovery which started after the foot surgery on the fractured tendon May 13th 2013.  Training started back with Coach Rodger Hughes the first week of October 2013. Since then I have got my fitness back from doing core work and classes at the local gym and starting back […]

Bristol 10k – 11th May 2014

One of the windiest days this year came upon us on the drive down with rain moving the car and also on the day despite missing the rain was tough conditions.  A top 20 finish in a time of 36.42 which wasn’t the highlight of May and also with a Run Britain race would have wanted to score higher […]