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Illness Strikes ! – What Happened In February & March???

Well there it was I had been for many months suffering glandular fever finally after pushback from the local surgery, got blood tests that highlighted a deficiency in Iron and very low on vitamin D.  It took a further week for them on a call back to say I had glandular, part of me felt […]

Gravesend Southern 6 x Relays -Saturday 26th March 2017

he Southern relays for most are one of the highlighted events clubs look forward to showcasing their best teams. It’s an opportunity for road, track and cross country runners to come together and race in an exciting team event. On this course at Gravesend, the short stage is only about the length of our own Bridges course, and […]

Haworth Hobble GB Trials 32 Miles – Saturday 11th March 2017

All prepared to prove the selectors and the racers I could be considered as a strong contender off road, having not run the course struggled to know what the course would entail and although managed to get the course on my watch felt unprepared.  Pretty down from the last few weeks training, fighting a fever […]