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Southern Counties 5000m – Saturday 28th August 2016

A great day out again on the track, despite not being a track runner I have enjoyed a summer of track races.  Along with racing for the master’s age category.  Humid conditions which was becoming common and a nightmare to get 35 miles down the road to the venue which was hidden. Mixed race with […]

Watford 3000m – 24th August 2016

It was a case of lets try again, less busy than July but still 17 races for the 1500m and a race that started just before 10pm which is late.  Weather was sticky and humid, but I had my witts about for not missing the start. 2 races up for the 3000m mine had 26 runners […]

IOM Marathon, – Sunday 14th August 2016

With no Berlin marathon on the cards and GB 50k Doha in the mix the marathon recommended and running out of time was IOM.  This was the hosted race for the Masters and somewhere that Walter the GB selector recommended. I hadnt accounted for my 3rd disaster weekend (topped off Manchester, Belfast and now IOM).  6 […]