Run, Sam, Run!

Samantha Amend - GB & England Marathon and Ultra Distance Runner

SEAA Road Relays, Milton Keynes – Sunday 24th March 2019

by Sam Amend - 24th March 2019 | General News, Race Reports

Anything could happen… #team outing!

I felt labored all week fro racing /training but managed to get through the week relatively unscathed.  I was pretty sure  that I was coming down with virus and  just felt really exhausted.  Being the reliable stalwart to the club made sure that I would do my best I could despite feeling under the weather.   Today was the 12 stage for the men which Alex was racing, and I was the  leg  2 for the Belles and the long leg of 5 miles.


With a warm up 3 miles, the race proceeded and off out I went and chased a few people down before I then got chased by the fast ladies on my leg.  I did the best I could possibly but felt very dry throated, and sinuses were playing up with a dizzy feeling during the race.  Knowing I had 5 people depending on me I continued to push along and on the final 2k tried to run as quick as I could when I saw the track in sight.

 Road Relays Results 2019