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Eynsham 10k – Sunday 25th November 2018, Oxfordshire

With my local Tuesday sparring partner Di who is much quicker on the shorter stuff, rightly or wrongly I had already accepted in my head that the aim was top 3 in placing and also improving on the past 10k’s raced.  My favourite wind was present (sarcastically said) and meant with all the tight turns, […]

Gosport Half Marathon – Sunday 18th November 2018

What was a cold and windy day travelling to the coast,  morale was low as was vision on the roads driving to the event.  Travelling solo I succumbed to chilling out with my car radio. I hadn’t run a half marathon all year, having started working I felt unwell and since been concentrating on the […]

Reigate Cross Country Relays- Saturday 3rd November 2018

Team outing out for Belgrave with Alex and I both in attendance for Belgrave.  Another relay thriller! This time at Reigate with the Belles consolidating on our  bronze at Wormwood scrubs 2 weeks, we flipped our order from the Scrubs and held Saron back until the last leg to catch a small gap I lost. […]