General News

GB 100k World Championships Croatia  -8th September 2018

“Well what can I say, it was a pleasure to be reigned the British 100k champion at the end of March this year in a new PB of 7.53.57 and to top it off also recovered from a disastrous racing year in 2017 due to Glandular Fever and being picked up by Norman Wilson who […]

Headington 5 Mile -26th August

Ouch, another punchy race was my thought of getting ready to leave to my now ” local” race.  I love racing in Oxford as they are well organized and have good competition at the top end.  I wasn’t sure how the race was going to pan out, to be honest, the last few days at work […]

Salisbury 54321 50k – Sunday 12th August 2018

The Salisbury 5-4-3-2-1  trail run was much harder than I expected and I am pretty sure nobody warmed up before the start.  Maybe my mindset wasn’t right from the outset and partly to do with the weather with heavy rain and wind.  Regardless for me less pressure for flat-out speed and focus to remain on […]

Bearbrook 10k, Aylesbury -Sunday 5th August 2018

Did I tell you I hate 10k’s??? I like that they are over quickly but the pace and especially now moving into ultra’s kills me…  I haven’t been to Bearbrook ( Aylesbury) for some years but always love to visit a well-organized race. On arrival it was like I had never left, especially meeting the […]

July Racing 2018 –   Vets Area Meet 3000m & 100m Relay

Sunday 8th July 2018 –   Vets Area Meet 3000m & 100m Relay Feeling somewhat tired still and lacking any sort of speed after the 24 hr race 2 weeks previous decided to still commit to racing “SHORT”!  The annual meet for VAC being at Solihull I travelled up to run for the South.  Just prayed […]

Energia 24hr Race – 23/24th June

Utter maddness ! Manic what can I say,  I took the Friday off to ensure I was prepared and also had reflexology, which later could have also contributed to my foot blisters. Anyway travelling with the crew was Jo and I from Heathrow and Norman and Anne from Birmingham.  All of which were going to be […]

Wargrave 10k – 10th June

A bit of a disaster! A race with my friend Leigh and the last training run before I hit the 24hr event on June 23/24th.  I had a bad build up of low level running, overworked and a bit stressed.  With this race I started off with the wrong attitude.  The pollen in the carpark […]

Chiltern Chase 15k – 3rd June 2018

Another hot one ! This wasn’t a race I felt particularly felt very well prior to the start.  Probably an accumulation of a busy work week having done a short day visit to Sweden and also the heat picking up.  Regardless the distance suited me being a little further than the norm and meant I […]

Wallingford 10k – 3rd June 2018

On a very hot day and still heat exhausted some weeks later after the Thames path I knew this would be a tough one.  Ultimately I was using this or a good hard training session and a local race.  With a few hundred on the start line, a local community feel and recognizing some local […]