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Samantha Amend - GB & England Marathon and Ultra Distance Runner

Eynsham 10k – Sunday 25th November 2018, Oxfordshire

by Sam Amend - 25th November 2018 | General News, Race Reports

With my local Tuesday sparring partner Di who is much quicker on the shorter stuff, rightly or wrongly I had already accepted in my head that the aim was top 3 in placing and also improving on the past 10k’s raced.  My favourite wind was present (sarcastically said) and meant with all the tight turns, road crossings I had to push on in the better sections of pavement.   I didn’t start off on the front-line as the start was bunched together and very chaotic.  Like bulls racing or a rhino stampede!  I very quickly established a rhythm in 2nd place for the first 2/3k behind a young lady from Vale of Aylesbury.  It became clear though that they had started off spicy and coming back to me, so as I went past I never looked back.  I did half think it won’t be long before Di run’s past me, but she didn’t, so I ploughed through the field and started to pick up rhythm.

Eynsham Results 2018







I was a relief turning out of the wind for the last road section but gutted to see a 200m sign which was actually 400m of uneven grass.  Sadly this killed my time getting back into the 36’s due to the terrain, regardless a positive run for 37.10 and a similar finish to Gloucester the month earlier. First lady, first Vet and a good morning of running off a heavy training week and the final one into the start of the light week for the marathon

Photo Credits: Barry Cornelius & John Harvey