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Samantha Amend - GB & England Marathon and Ultra Distance Runner

Illness Strikes ! – What Happened In February & March???

by Sam Amend - 28th March 2017 | General News

Well there it was I had been for many months suffering glandular fever finally after pushback from the local surgery, got blood tests that highlighted a deficiency in Iron and very low on vitamin D.  It took a further week for them on a call back to say I had glandular, part of me felt relieved and the other disappointed as I would never have run the races I had and could have added recovery earlier and wonder if the Haworth Hobble dipped me to the bottom.  What I must say is Glandular I underestimated the effects.  I think Mine really started to make me suffer around the end of January and then as I continued unknowingly to push my training and racing it hit me with a bang. 


These last few months I have been depressed, tearful and had to run “ when I can” rather than enjoyment.  All of this year’s spring races have been blown out the window.  The hardest part is the word “ Rest”, and waking up feeling unwell like you have been on an all night bender when you haven’t and your eyes burning and all you want to do is curl up and cry. Also I really underestimated what this dreaded virus is like:-(


Anyone that knows me well will understand that I run for “Mental Health”, I have had lots of bad times and to get through life’s challenges I am generally an upbeat person.  However, when my health which I take as important gets affected I am no good for anyone and I really did think something serious was going on I was scared.  As it stands it sucks but it is what it is and suspect my daughter’s germs could have been the cause and have been run down for weeks due to work and travel suspect it hit me bad.  I now have to take every week as it comes and it means now having to look at pulling out of races, I did start Reading a few days after diagnosis which turned out to be silly so I stopped and now I’m needing to focus on the 100k England Selection only.  Had to say goodbye to Manchester Marathon, Seville, Reading, Beaconsfield 5 and London Marathon.  Let’s hope for the future recovery.