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Samantha Amend - GB & England Marathon and Ultra Distance Runner

Watford 3000m – 24th August 2016

by Sam Amend - 24th August 2016 | General News, Race Reports

It was a case of lets try again, less busy than July but still 17 races for the 1500m and a race that started just before 10pm which is late.  Weather was sticky and humid, but I had my witts about for not missing the start.

2 races up for the 3000m mine had 26 runners and ended up another scrappy race, I stayed too long at the back and ended up having to pass in the 3rd lane on a few occasions.  My legs were lethargic but determined to improve on the previous months embarrassing time.  10:43 was slow for me considering I had lightened the training load.  Think I will need to evaluate the 3000m as its a little short for me and the heavy mileage of ultras could also be a factor.  Watford has a great track and also too busy and I race better in smaller numbers.  Less disappointed than the last 3000m but know I have the ability to break the 10 minute barrier.