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IOM Marathon, – Sunday 14th August 2016

by Sam Amend - 14th August 2016 | General News, Race Reports

With no Berlin marathon on the cards and GB 50k Doha in the mix the marathon recommended and running out of time was IOM.  This was the hosted race for the Masters and somewhere that Walter the GB selector recommended.

I hadnt accounted for my 3rd disaster weekend (topped off Manchester, Belfast and now IOM).  6 hrs nearly on a day off to get to my friends house, nearly missing despite initially having ample time (thanks M6 !) and then having terrible turbulence on the way out and near miss throwing up territory.  Arriving in dark, no signal and struggling to find the place.  Fortunately a lovely Airbnb host that helped with our arrival.  On a plus point the accomodation was a converted Barn, I was with my friend Karen and an Island I hadnt visited.

Onto the race part, still feeling seasick, which was crazy 2 days later, stiff hip and still the sore toe and the monthly cycle starting, everything and the world was against me.  This included the windy conditions and the hilly race course.  

I was determined to finish the race having come so far to attend, my friend coming over and also being the masters.  First lap down and the temptation to stop going past the finish to proceed.  I managed to finish the race in 2hrs 54 which for me felt pedestrian and tough from start to finish.  To be told by the VAC Chairman and Walter IAU selector a great gutsy race I could only reply with “thanks, this is me on a bad day”.  Somewhat disappointed despite 1st lady, course record and 5th overall the time wasn’t reflective.  Anyway put this down to an experience and also a long training run.


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