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Belgrave SEAA Relays – 9 October 2021

by Sam Amend - 17th October 2021 | General News

Oct 9th 2021

We saw the return to the road relays event which I love. A long way to Birmingham to run under 5k but a great club atmosphere. I actually ran my second fastest time since 2016, whilst not my 15:15 best ran 15:58 post many ultra runs over the last few months.

Enjoying Ourselves Post Race !

The sun was shining as were the teams with Belgrave turning out 2 women’s teams. The A team finished in the top 10 for only the third ever time, only a minute behind third palace. The B team finished 30th out of 63 teams who completed the four stages in the end and the first time I hadnt made the cut for the A team. I realised this would happen soon getting older and focus on much longer. Despite tired legs, post racing ran a strong leg moving the B team up several places within the race.

  1. AFD ‘A’ 59:03, 2. AFD ‘B’ 60:14, 3. Lincoln Wellington 60;29, …. 9. Belgrave ‘A’ 61:28, (S. Astin 14:12, S. Hewitt 15:38, G. Richardson 15:42, O. Papaioannou 15 :56), … 30. Belgrave ‘B‘, (A. Reed 15:23, K-E. French 16:31, S. Amend 15:59, S. Dewhirst 17:23). 63 teams completed the race.