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Race Round Up – August 2021

by Sam Amend - 30th August 2021 | General News

SAL Match3 – August 2021 – Planned originally just for 3000m but with light numbers thought I may get roped into a few more events. Training was planned with 40 mins post event. However post warm up and running the 3k which was slightly slower than last month I went in also as the ” B” string for the 1500m. Strangely this race seemed the same pace as the previous and struggled to pick it up going though 800m slower than expected so I picked up the last lap. I finished in second place in 5:12.46

3000m – found the engine didn’t want to fire up today, felt slow but having run a 24hr only 2 weeks earlier expect this was part of the reason. It was still respectable and came in as second Belle in 10.42.31

4 x 400m Relay – This was a last minute team put together and it paid off as we then ended up winning the event. Sadly there wasn’t the opportunity to use these valuable points to move up in the league due to the set up of the Southern Athletic League during Covid.

This was the last event due to Match 4 cancelled with the Surrey relays pending.

Start of the 3,000m