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Samantha Amend - GB & England Marathon and Ultra Distance Runner

Sun 3rd April 2021 – Dorney Marathon

by Sam Amend - 3rd April 2021 | General News

“More Laps”

This marathon came up thick and fast post having been running in what I would class as “isolation”.  No races so it was all about trying to maintain fitness and 121 sessions with the odd person for tempos and speed sessions.  I made sure I ran with someone to do these mainly for confidence and motivation.  Grateful to a few of my local running friends especially for the LSR (Long Slow Runs) and the 20-25 mile runs either around a 400m track or a local loop.

Roll on the first race (many cancelled) that went ahead which was on the 3rd April, Dorney Lake Marathon.  This wouldn’t have been my first choice of race or location; however happy something was given the green light.  Leading up to the race I had done many great sessions but on the day the weather wasn’t looking good.

Waking up on Saturday 3rd before 6am the journey to the event wasn’t complex neither was the parking, however the event despite being well organised by Active Training lacked atmosphere as there wasn’t any spectators, the music only at the boat house so a fleeting noise as you passed by twice on the 10k + loops. Waved starts whilst they take the pressure you have no idea where you are and the latter stages become busy and unsure who you can run with.  I started off despondent which wasn’t ideal due to gut issues, the stress I suspect of the first race back and ran a few miles with a local competitor Charlotte who then dropped in the latter stages and backed off pace.  I was fighting the wind which was draining me throughout the laps and struggling to maintain the pace in the last few miles, so it really was a fight to the finish.

The finish time was a shade quicker than Goodwood in December but absolutely gutted not to get the time I felt deserving of from all the long, hard training sessions.  2.52.36 off the back of a hard 50 mile/6hr track ultra-session for GB 2 weeks earlier in reality wasn’t a bad