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“Let’s Go Round Again” – Sun 20 March 2021

by Sam Amend - 20th March 2021 | General News

IAU British Athletics 6hr Solidarity Run

Whilst this wasn’t a GB race against many competitors on the same circuit it did allow me to test my 6hr timing in preparation for the 100-mile track event at the end of April when races resume.

Lane 9

It was a pleasure to be shortlisted and selected, this was open to those having represented GB over the last 30 years.

So how did it go?

I decided to use the track in Marlow and seek permission from Serco and then I could run without crossing roads or worrying about the safety needs of my nutrition.  It seemed the best place also with toilet facilities and for my runner company.  Only challenge was it was a rather small loop and meant a long time going around it. 

Surprisingly I feel good today considering the wide track loops and no nice small safe loop or big London parks.  Norman and Anne came down to time and watch the run whom I hadn’t seen since last year in September before lockdown and the Thames Path 100 and the 50k in Bournemouth.

The weather had a chill and the wind picked up in the later stages, but pretty good running conditions I have to say!  First up was Rohit Patel for the first 2hrs, he then handed over the next stint to Matt Brown. Then the final shift went to Andy Walling who got the last 2hrs of my pain and enjoyment of a last few laps at speed and running his longest run in sometime.

Norman didnt wish for me to stop at 49.5 miles so he said lets go for 50 to see what the clock stopped at for the 50 mile British record.  Sadly as it wasn’t an official event the distances covered will not be ratified but gave me huge confidence that in training I had run further than the British record for both the 6hr and quicker for the 50 miles.  I will get the opportunity to do this again later in the year in a selection of pre-booked races.

The clock  today stopped at 6.02.58 which is not too shabby and going into my track 100 in April.  I used every 1hr either a Huma gel or a Revvies Energy Strip for my much needed boost.

What I learned from the long run for the 6hr was I like 7min miles +  and I can do this for a long time.  My fitness has improved massively as that pace some 6mths back still felt challenging, it’s a sign hopefully for some great racing ahead.  Lucky to have the support of local runners individually, it lacked the atmosphere but very helpful to have company.