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Sat 17th Oct 2020 -Newbury 10k & Wimbledon 5k

by Sam Amend - 17th October 2020 | General News

Coming off a stressful week at work, post 50k I was less than enthusiastic about a race weekend let alone my 2-1 in 1 day. Although once commited I know needed to use these as a race/training opportunity. Always better when booked and planned with a friend.

A day of races! 10k @10.30am in Newbury Race course. through the finish for first place with 37.37 as a finish time. Really pleased as an improvement since August and a very technical and congested course with tight turns and different surfaces to negotiate. Loved seeing training mates from Oxford and also past Windsor training partners. Race 1 completed and satisfied despite the lack of energy pre race.

Newbury 10k – 1st Place lady

Then off to Wimbledon for the 5k club relay @1.30pm with my friend Trevor. Traffic started to stress us through Newbury and Thatcham along with the motorway restrictions. We were delighted to pull into the carpark, find a space ( rare in London) and quickly navigate the location for the track/team meet. nice sneaky long hill climb so very pleased with 18.35 and 8th overall. Lovely to see Belles team mates again and put my club vest on and see a ladies finish overall in 2nd place and our men’s team a respectful 4th team.
Belles Beauties! 2nd Place Team
L-R Michelle, Steph, Charlie,Katie, Orna (Front: Sam & Olivia)

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