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Samantha Amend - GB & England Marathon and Ultra Distance Runner

Saturday 10th Oct 2020 – Run To The Sea 50k

by Sam Amend - 10th October 2020 | General News

Part of a 2 race series the first was in August Reading ultra and this one was even more scenic along the coast and through Poole – Bournemouth. With the race being an early start made a decision to stay local and have someone look after my son. This proved sadly to be a mistake as much as the property was nice in general the bed was so uncomfortable I couldn’t sleep a wink which wasn’t ideal.

That aside cracked on with the early start on the road and also up at 5.30am to arrive at the HQ for 6.30am. I had porridge/ tea and then a snack just before the race start, knowing their were aid stations if needed and a few back up supplies in my race bag. Weather was cold and about 7 degrees and then as the race went on warmed up during the time running through Bournemouth beach and then fighting challenging wind and cooler temperatures in the last few miles.

Social distancing race we all started in waves of 6 and the first few I started with we spread out within the first few miles and I didn’t see anyone until the last 5/6 miles. Sadly a few wrong turns and then at aid station 3 a diversion I missed and therefore ended up running nearly 30 miles as I missed a sign.

On my way to checkpoint 3

What this meant although the time was quicker than Reading I lost the win due to trying to get back into the race. That aside enjoyed all the amazing scenery just not the road crossings and concreted areas. This wasn’t a key race so regardless of not winning it was enjoyable and well organised and a good long run ahead of the Track 24hr a few weeks later.