Run, Sam, Run!

Samantha Amend - GB & England Marathon and Ultra Distance Runner

Sun 27th Sept 2020 -Goodwood 20 Miler

by Sam Amend - 27th September 2020 | General News

Brace The Laps

Happy to be back racing, what this course had in ” flatness” came the strong head and cross wind.  Having run Chichester 10k last year knew that the last loop was on the track.  Really enjoyed the laps but went from 6.05 pace to 7.00 around the back section. 

The calm before the storm!

Despite being challenging I knew that others were also feeling the same so I downgraded the expectations to a solid training run.  I felt really good, calm and collected trying not to feel despondent hitting the hard wind for the 8.5 laps.  I knew I was in 1st position for the ladies race and what lap based on the lead man coming into the finish, I had one lap to go.

Enjoying the early race stage

My friends (Trevor & Soraya) both ran the 10k which started 1hr later, so it timed really well with me finishing 20 minutes later.  The take away was a great social distancing race, well organised and we all came back with some positivity. Happy also to be back racing and know that the 6.33 pace was purely down to the weather conditions as I felt strong in my last long hard session before the 24hr race at the end of October.

Finally the finish line !