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Samantha Amend - GB & England Marathon and Ultra Distance Runner

Back from a 7 month Hiatus…..

by Sam Amend - 8th January 2020 | General News

Its’ been a tough 7 months of rehab post Comrades.  It turned out that the Chronic pain I started to feel pre- Comrades was something I should worry about.  Despite having the best physio after 5 weeks of weekly physio, stopping running it wasn’t going away.  Off to the Fortis Clinic (Highly recommend) to get an MRI early July privately to speed up the process.  Sadly, it showed bone movement and therefore went the same day to King Edwards for a CT scan.  Thank heaven for Vitality healthcare at work to speed up the process especially the fear of not knowing.

You often know when things are not right when you sense the consultant will look at you in a certain way, was I just being paranoid?   Sadly, that was not the case and it turned out to be a full-on sacroiliac fracture, this is serious right?? 

I will never forget his words “I am amazed how you could run with a fracture that far”, “incredible!  Yes, it was but I also hear people say “crazy”.  Well I had put in 6 months solid training booked up /paid flights etc and despite the pain was going to do everything I could to get to the start line. So, for many  months on end I was on bed rest, basic core strength and then able to use a Nordic Trainer (no hip movement and old school machine) to progress onto gym classes from September 2019.

Anyway, fast forward to January 2020 something I anticipated would be the height of my running as I typically run well in the early part of the year.  I rehabbed, re scanned and still in October showing then a hairline fracture so it was limited jogging and no sessions.  Would I ever be pain free??  With gradual mileage increase with the close observation from Norman my coach and physio Andy I started in January to feel much better and no aching from the back.

A bit of concern was when I started to up the mileage my back started producing pain responses that felt similar feeling to the past.  In Jan due to a few more reactions agreed with my physio to go and get re-scanned something I hadn’t done since October. 

Nervous as hell to go back and see the consultant Richard didn’t want to look him in the face.  He was smiling which was a little worrying as I had prepared myself for bad news!  turned out to be synovitis of the joint which is common post fracture.  Although I went into hear disappointment on the fracture, I received positive feedback, although he did indicate and show I had a cyst on my ovary (came back clear after a ultrasound thank heaven!).

It was like some “spell” had been lifted as post this review during the week I started to feel “pain free” and wonder if the relief of the good news took the cautious behavior and worry away.

It was now time to work with my coach Norman again to look at building up the mileage and a race plan, something I had truly missed.  Despite the gym work and classes, it didn’t fully fill the gap.

Morale of the story don’t take your body for granted and rehab properly!

Happy days!