Run, Sam, Run!

Samantha Amend - GB & England Marathon and Ultra Distance Runner

Pednor 5 – 6th May 2019, Chesham

by Sam Amend - 11th May 2019 | General News

Having not raced for some weeks due to a elongated illness and what I thought was a glandular relapse was relieved to be back on it.

We nearly didn’t make it due to horrendous motorway traffic to what used to be a local race but now 38 miles away. Love the local Chiltern Harriers race as you bump into so many locals and its a competitive evening race. Arriving just in time limited a super short warm up, expectations were low and just a relief knowing it was a short race.

We had both entered Alex and I and travelled with students from Leeds University who were interviewing me on Female Ultra running, so they got the chance to film the race, talk to me after and over a few days interview me. Race was a fast start like bulls in a ring and once the mass tight spots stretched out I got into a rhythm. Tough course with a fair bit of climbing and for your hard graft a lovely fast downhill finish. Surprised myself to run my second fastest time on the course and back to 6min miles and only 17 seconds slower than 7 years earlier.

2 podium spots for us both and a great evening race with confidence.