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IAU GB World 24hr Championships ” Im In!”

by Sam Amend - 7th February 2019 | General News, Race Reports

Albi, France 24hr

Expecting to hear something  just before travelling to Seville  week of 11th , from a hard week I got the email the email I had been waiting so patiently from mid January.

My CV had been sent to the selectors on Jan 7th and then a month later I got the best news after a very stressful week and whilst one of my dearest dogs had been poorly.  Elated to say the effort in the Belfast 24hr June 2018 had been worthwhile.  Have run now for GB 50k, GB 100k last year and now another vest and something to be proud of. Watch this space as the training commences along the way with races such as Barry40, GB 6hr track, Comrades and hopefully  the GB 50k having qualified for this event twice.

A reminder of my enjoyment of the 24hr event: