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New Years Eve 10 miler – 31st January 2018

by Sam Amend - 31st December 2017 | General News, Race Reports

Decided on racing one of Norman’s races to finish the end of the year to try and build morale from the last month so trying to find my form.  Norman has been providing me support/guidance and aligning to Rodger my coach to get me on track to run a qualifying 100k.  Sadly from May 2017, the year hasn’t gone as expected after the ACP 100k and since  Norman has offered to put my Ultra training together.

Anyway as a thank you, and also to support his local race my partner Alex, best friend Jo and I headed to Gloucester for the 10-mile event.  I felt very tired and exhausted from the house move, hectic Christmas and poor sleep but regardless wanted to race as best I could and with a respectable 62.02 for the second place with 6.11 pace overall for an undulating 10 mile.  Progress, along with Alex finishing 3rd place in 55:55 the men’s and Jo setting herself an unexpected PB of 79:22 for the 10 miles.  So for us, all a great day out winter running.

With a concert in London/fireworks in the evening, I decided with a long day to do a further run to top up 18 miles and then 16 on the following day.


New Years Eve 10 Mile Results