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Reigate Priory Relays – Saturday 4th November

by Sam Amend - 9th November 2017 | General News


The Priory Relays have become one of the club’s favorite events over the past few years. Set in the beautiful location of the Priory Park with the backdrop of the trees on the hill with their golden Autumn leaves, the shortish but challenging course always offers the chance of medals for our team. In fact, the Belles had won here the last three years.  This year, the overnight rain and damp atmosphere made the course a lot more challenging than in recent years, in fact, it was quite muddy in places which proved a big problem for some of our runners without spikes or trail shoes. The temperature was a little cool too so the runners were very glad to have the tent kindly brought by Aidan Grace and Rose O’Brien.

Three Belle’s teams completed the race. Saron immediately went ahead of all the other women mixing it with the leading men.  She finished a long way clear of the second team with the overall second fastest time of the afternoon.   Katie-Ellen  then took over from Saron for the A team and although as a specialist track athlete struggled with the mud and hills, she did maintain the team’s position and justified her selection.   On the final leg was me, I set off with a lead for the A team, but lacking hill training after glandular and the worrying thought of the in-form Isobel Brinsdon of Epsom and Ewell chasing my tail.  I did my very best as always does but the conditions and lack of Cross Country fitness proved just a bit too much and the Belles had to settle for second place.

Team Photo

L:R  Charlie, Saron, Maddy, Carl, Mhari, Katie-Ellen, Megan, Mhari D, Sam, (Simon) Lizzie, Rose, JoJo, Andy, Nick, Aiden, Robert


1.Epsom and Ewell;  48.53,  2.  Belgrave  A;  49.26, (Saron Haileselase 15.29, Katie-Ellen French 17.22, Samantha Amend 16.35) 3.  Guildford and Godalming, 50.39; ….  7. Belgrave B; 53.40,  (Mhairi Hall 17.37, Maddy Shott 17.52, Rose O’Brien 18.11), … 12.  Belgrave  C; 57.45, (Megan James 18.30, Jojo Rhodes 18.05, Mhairi McDonald 21.11).


1. Isobel Brinsden, (E & E), 15.20,  2.  Saron Haileselase, (Belgrave Harriers) 15.29,  Fiona Clark, (Reigate Priory)  16.04.

Here are the Belle’s results from recent years;

2013  1st;  51.12.  (Rose O’Brien 17.35,  Catherine Lovegrove 17.13,  Keri MacKenzie  16.35).

2014  1st;  51.43.  (Lizzie Goldie-Scott  18.25,  Jojo Rhodes 16.46,  Zoe Smith 16.32).

2015  1st;  48.19.  (Sam Amend, Becky O Kill, Zoe Smith)