Run, Sam, Run!

Samantha Amend - GB & England Marathon and Ultra Distance Runner

Anglo Celtic Plate 100k – Sunday May 21st, Hull

by Sam Amend - 21st May 2017 | General News

The Delay in writing my results are normally a sign of how I feel.  Sadly my preparation for this race was less from perfect with only a few long runs but enough for me to stand at the start line.

The journey up to Hull was a long one and the place we stayed was positioned very close to a bypass so the sleep was non-existent.  With some great friends, planned my drinks and all the race needed.  I was lucky to have my friends Jo, Trevor and Phil onboard to help me.  In my heart I Just felt the course would be challenging on a camber along with long straights and the feeling of “ no man’s land”.  That was just how it was on the day, I was glad it started early which suited me but was deceiving as the sun came through the clouds which made it a sweat fest, hence the need for more fluid and that in turn caused me some discomfort.  I had a game plan and stuck to it despite some close encounters with other runners and I felt comfortable at the 7:19 pace I remained.  A bit like marathons it’s amazing how hard the distance is and how you can feel okay and then suddenly uncomfortable.  My achilles was tightening on the uneven surface along with not being able to lift my leg up comfortable.

Sadly, I just couldn’t hobble another 15 miles and had to stop despite being in the lead for more of the race but the race fared better for team mate Sophie who finished in 2nd place.  Tears, disappointment all followed and I also realized that maybe the body hadn’t recovered.  After a bit of time out decided to give Boddington 50k a go which would be 4 weeks later