Run, Sam, Run!

Samantha Amend - GB & England Marathon and Ultra Distance Runner

Lee Valley 3000m Masters Indoor – Sunday 26th February 2017

by Sam Amend - 26th February 2017 | Race Reports

Didn’t feel great but having just been selected to run for the 100k it made we want to be positive after selection for the Vets AC. proceeded along what turned out a 3 hr + journey to Lee Valley.  No idea what caused the slow traffic, possible London

What was another painful journey along the A40  into 3 + hours to get to the track in North London.  No idea what caused the slow traffic, possible London travellers going home, no idea but stressed massively to get to the venue in what was less that 25 mins before the race start.  With past race, I wasn’t so sure how this was going to fair up.  Travelled with my long term running friend Phil and we warmed up being blown away on the outside track.  I do love running though on an indoor track but it was awfully stuffy and humid indoors and with running the temperature today and in full swing took some Ibroprofen to try to bring it down.  Either way was going to do my best so to manage to lap the entire ladies field I was elated but frustrated that I couldn’t run to my potential having had months of great training in the lead up until my shocking month of February.  Would happily have written this off.  Either way I finished in 10:38.08 which isn’t one my slowest .