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Samantha Amend - GB & England Marathon and Ultra Distance Runner

Seville Marathon – 19th February 2017

by Sam Amend - 19th February 2017 | Race Reports

Well, it was not meant to be and the lead up wasn’t great either having felt under the weather for months believing it was flu and I’d be fine.  The week after post-Wokingham half marathon we went to my cottage in Wales for respite fresh off the race course.  Sadly the weather wasn’t great, a little stressed with kids and dogs in tow but hopeful of little running and some chill before Seville.  Sadly this didn’t work as I had a raging temperature which I put down to how I felt pre- and post-Wokingham and then last into the week every day waking up feeling nausea and room spinning and generally pants.  Trying to remain positive pre-flight to Seville and with my best pal wanted to and prayed for recovery.  Seville was a nightmare we ended up staying off the beaten track on a cobbled street which sadly becomes somewhat a walking street party Friday and Saturday night which didn’t help with illness.  We managed to see a few familiar faces on the plane including Ed Catmur ( in the photo below with Jo Smith) so we met up a few times including race morning to walk to the start and for a few meals.  Sadly not wanting to dwell it was the best company, perfect weather conditions which would have been lovely to have raced in Feb my marathon leaving April as a good training month ahead of the 100k in May.  I dropped at  10k due to feeling nausea spinning head and stars in eyes I knew I wasn’t well just sadly wasn’t meant to be.

Hopeful I was recovering and wanted to have positive thoughts and mindset and decided to put my name down for Manchester which was April 2nd and time to get well.. sadly it wasn’t meant to be but more about that later.