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Samantha Amend - GB & England Marathon and Ultra Distance Runner

Barcelona 10k -31st December 2015

by Sam Amend - 31st December 2015 | General News, Race Reports

What a roller-coaster year its been with 5 marathons (not planned), lots of different races ad quite top heavy for the end of a season.  With a boiling point of illnesses in the house of Christmas it was inevitable I was going to get some sort of  cold which unfortunately arrived pre-new year and ruined my race.

Facing the prospect of no energy to see the new year in, feeling very fluey i had to step off the course at 3.5k due to coughing fit and lightheaded.  From someone who can run marathons and long distance the prospect of running a step further was concerning and couldn’t even be contemplated.  So disappointing when I had planned this event for months with great memories of a fast, flat course.  All efforts were not completely wasted with Alex running a pb of 32.09.  Only starting to feel human again in the new year its time to move on with 2016 and focus on this years goals and leave my disappointment behind.