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South of Thames 7.5 miler – 19th December 2015

by Sam Amend - 20th December 2015 | General News, Race Reports

Another windy day in the UK this time at Tonbridge (Kent) and a damn lot of hills to climb.  Having already run a hearty 5 miles in the morning with the dogs my honest truth on arrival looked at the course and wish I wasn’t there and Alex felt the same.

With a full team in the mens and the ladies (just…..)  but not our strongest out it had to be luck on our side or hoping that many other clubs didnt put out their team.  The course was tough with lots of grueling hills, mud and windy at every turn, including the surge at the start and spiking myself many times not seeing infront very easily.  Despite the shaky start I managed to pick up the pace for the 2nd/3rd lap when the mass spread out (running with the mens & womens) to come in 3rd overall.  chased the 3rd lady down for the first 2 laps who equally hated hills to then overtake approaching a hill and to never look back.

As a team we finished both 3rd for the Male and the female team , having won the event the previous year.  Other clubs including Kent and Dulwich had stronger teams.  A long day out but with an individual 3rd and a team medal was happy to help support the club in some hardcore cross country for the day….  my legs felt battered !


SOT 7.5