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Samantha Amend - GB & England Marathon and Ultra Distance Runner

Ipswich 10k & 5k – 14th August 2015 ( Another Win)

by Sam Amend - 14th August 2015 | General News, Race Reports

Something that Alex and I have never done is a back to back race like this (only the relays after Reading Half a few years back and lots of recovery) but ran a hard 5k race changed our race vest and then ran the 10k.

I managed to run 1 second of my pb which I suspect in the 5k I held back knowing I still had 10k to do after.  I finished in 17:37 and previously had run 17:36 a few years ago.  This was a late evening race that carried its own stresses trying to get there in time and took a long time.  I finished in the top 10 and won the V35 race for the 5k, topped with then winning the 10k race  finishing 1st lady and 3rd overall in 36:34 which is one of my quickest this summer.

If we can we will do the same races again next year, lovely view of the town itsself some tight turns and climbs in the town but the weather held off and a little humid but as race conditions go could have been worse.