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Woodcote 10k – January 2013

by Sam Amend - 23rd June 2013 | General News

A week later from Cliveden 6 and normally the opposites dates around I ran my annual loved winter 10k Woodcote.  On a back to back schedule having also run cross country for Belgrave on the day before I wasn’t sure what the legs would deliver.

Another great organized race although the start was delayed by a local resident deciding to drive towards 300 + runners at the start lined up on the road and had no idea how to reverse.

Lovely course was convinced I had run it faster than previous and went through 5k in 17 mins something which was before the very long slog of a few k before reaching the summit.  Having run the Goring 10k which uses some of the course the start hill is in the middle of this course and then you have a little flat /slight decent before climbing the last 3 +k up a steep and continuous hill.  tough course but pleased to receive another win and a race I have won now for the last 4/5 years.


My treat after for the win and a theme was to run the course again and top upto a 20 mile run with my friend John (less than enthusiastic) but we did it and couldn’t find a shop quick enough to refuel.  the organizers through we were mad when they were taking down the signs on the course we ran the opposite route round.

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