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Samantha Amend - GB & England Marathon and Ultra Distance Runner

Wokingham Half Marathon – February 10th

by Sam Amend - 23rd June 2013 | General News

A week after Bramley wasnt sure what results could be delivered, it was as usual very rare to be great running conditions although last year was the better of many years.  Notorious for being windy and torrential rain and thats what greated us at the start of this race.  At 10 miles I was still in second place having feeling very jaded and getting a touch of Hypothermia.  It was a mud bath around the grounds, heaving rain and extemeley cold.  Took me days to get over those conditions .

Pleased to have come second although this wasn’t a  half marathon PB for me…


Sam & Steve Wokingham Half Marathon 145 (2)