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Samantha Amend - GB & England Marathon and Ultra Distance Runner

Virgin London Marathon 22 April 2013

by Sam Amend - 23rd June 2013 | General News

This is what all the years training is about and finally it came round, not ready for this…..

Knew I was in pretty good shape but developed a heavy cold and my foot after being MRI scanned a few weeks before agreed to still run but take pain killers.  Along with having also having a temperature the sleep the night before was non exsistant so it was all about survival.  Ran reasonable well upto 10 miles but developed  stomach pain and also foot pain which I went on to find my trainers supplied were half a size too short therefore goodbye big toenails 🙁

This year I didnt hit the wall but lacked that last bit of speed running into pain in the feet and a very tight hamstring, gutted as a few ladies passed me and although I ran my best London time 2.43 it wasnt my PB from Frankfurt 2011.  We did however soften the below for the 2nd year running winning the Ladies Team prize gold “Sam, Lou, Fee” champions of London Marathon.

Great to have Gareth, Jo, Dave, Trev,Phil come along to provide much needed support!

Sam @ London M 2013 Sam,Lou,Fee London Finish Sam,Fee,Lou,MG London