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John Dooey – The Hero of the 3 day Multi Druid Challenge

by Sam Amend - 24th November 2012 | General News


Whilst I would have loved to join my dear friend John running the 3 day Ridgeway challenge 85 miles over 3 days of rough, tough terrain  I knew the best I could offer was my support.  Gutted as this years time would have seen me as the overall winner of the event but you never know who turns up on the day.  John ran nearly 1 hour quicker than last years time but suffered in the final stages,  he had Eddie for day 1, me for day 2 and  Trevor, me and Eddie for  day 3.  Dave and the kids clambered in the car after my training run with some the boys for us to race off in pursuit to reach John on the last day….  Nice finish to the weekend to see a friend and running legend achieve something special and photos backed up from Dave