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Samantha Amend - GB & England Marathon and Ultra Distance Runner

Wycombe Half Marathon – 15th July 2012 ( Sam behind the Olympians but a great PB)

by Sam Amend - 15th July 2012 | General News

Well Another Sunday and another race…..  Not sure what to have expected today as I knew Claire Halliessey was running for the London2012 Games preparation and another Olympian.  that said It was still about my race and I relaxed into the course after the steep mile climb at the start.  Never been a favourite of mine  but I saw this as great training towards a faster marathon and easy will not progress me.  A water logged start, a nice hill climb and the rest was either undulating or a drag for the last few miles.  Great support a long the course, well organized and of course the famous “Bell Ringer” at the end my best pal Jo and not forgetting all my running friends dotted along the course as a marshall.

So from today I have had a Course PB, I am on good form but do still need to work on basic SPEED