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Samantha Amend - GB & England Marathon and Ultra Distance Runner

Boddington Marathon 1st July 2012 ” Sam Wins the race outright!”

by Sam Amend - 15th July 2012 | General News

It was a Humid but windy day on Sunday July 1st and the journey upto the event in Gloucestershire  saw Cowbell ringer Jo ( Best pal and best ever supporter, even if I go deaf!), Phil Stephens (attempting the distance again after a break) and trusty  running pal John looking to qualify for good for age, then my ever supportive partner  Dave who  always gets dragged everywhere as chief photographer and driver.  The journey was  1.5 and with a late start meant I got a ” little lay in”.  This time  on the course I also decided to take less gels and more Ribena (love the stuff!) and run consistently throughout the laps.

This race was all a little strange from the start, it lacked atmosphere, limited marshalls and very low key considering they had a 50k UKA race.  The lapping system was terrible a few guys I spoke to after clocked 26.8 and I know I lapped runners starting from the 2nd lap onwards to the last and would say added well over 800m+ and a loss of a potential PB.  Tough conditions as it was windy from about a mile after the chip mat.


On a Positive note I didn’t blow up so considering I had to regularly ask people to move and taken them wide (sometimes 3/4 a breast)  with 12 laps in total.  It was a beautiful setting and I can take confidence that over the past  10 weeks I hadn’t lost any fitness.  Also I had great support from friends and the trusty “cow bell ring” every 2.2 miles which should have dictated a good time as I felt no pressure.  I have learnt also don’t stay disappointed for long it will affect performance and training.

Great preparation for Berlin Marathon… September 2012!