Run, Sam, Run!

Samantha Amend - GB & England Marathon and Ultra Distance Runner

Pednor 5 – 7th May “Another Win for the 2nd year”

by Sam Amend - 14th July 2012 | General News

An evening race sent in the quiet part of Chesham, what is a fast start on a country road that gradually starts to undulate.  After approximately 2 miles a nice sharp left up a steep hill and this continues for sometime up and down the landscape, with a last sharp down hill finish.  Again pleased to have run 40 secs quicker and felt a lot more relaxed and also confident although I hadn’t tapered my training regime and struggled in the sticky and warm air. 

Always hard to set the right mindset when you run an evening race…. 

Happy to have come away with another trophy and win and race with pal Eddie, couldnt resist also handing out my race flyers too!