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Marlow FM Radio Run – May 27th 2012 – My 2nd Organised Race

by Sam Amend - 14th July 2012 | General News

A few days after my birthday (yes I turned 33yrs old) my 2nd race was to be staged …. whilst iIwould have normally celebrated in style for my birthday I had a get-together at the “Cafe in the park”  due to needing to get  my head down looking at marshall task sheets, riding round the course with Fred (trusted advisor) and the  fab Marlow FM team late on saturday evening…  not forgetting the race signs

I was very  tired and emotional after the event because the weather had been beautiful, the course provided runners a great adventure and also the opportunity  for me to catch up with lots of friends.  The best part was the event was broadcasted live for Marlow FM .  The team were fantastic, roll on next year for this super event, our aim will be for over 300 runners next year and to raise even more for the radio station which is run by volunteers.

The race details can be found on