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Samantha Amend - GB & England Marathon and Ultra Distance Runner

Virgin London Marathon … Belles take the team golds … Sam home first and came 5th lady

by Sam Amend - 3rd May 2012 | General News

Woke up Sunday with a migraine but new the nerves would kick in and with some water and migraine tablet I would be ok….Have to say I was nervous as the stakes were up with running each mile 11 secs quicker than last year.  It was a day of  change to race tactics and risk on the morning I took to the streets of London. Race plan talks with my coach was to “go for broke” and run 6 min miling the whole way.  Its probably the most relaxed I have been in many years of marathons although the Saturday was eventful losing my wallet and jumping on the wrong trains but I took it in my stride knowing I had my friends Jo and Eddie for the humour to calm my nerves.

I went through a speedy half way in 1.18.30 and felt great and approached the 20 mile still sitting in 2nd place lady in the mass field.  Then just after the 20 mile I got the tingly feeling, double vision and started to stagger with what felt like weights tied to my feet and a foot on fire from a burning blister…  I realise now what had happened was I had famously “hit the wall”  and  something that I have never experienced or knew how to get through it.  Feeling like I was running backwards but still pursuing to finish I watched myself fade gradually into 5th place.  Initially I felt gutted and very tearful but after having a pep talk with my coach/agent realised I had achieved something I hadn’t ever experienced…. I ran out of my comfort zone and went for it…. and I nearly made it and ran my fastest 20 miles.  The first 5k is what I believe cost me a PB, along with the warm weather which wasnt expected at London so no wonder the Kenyans ran well.  Training, rest and preparation upto the day had been the best, but as Rodger (coach) said he wouldn’t have changed anything, we need to work on my 10k and speed so it feels easier running at that speed as I was at full capacity.  I nearly pulled it off… Anyway more importantly I finished it and as a team we scored “Gold”.  So onwards and prep now for Berlin Marathon in September 2012.

Snippet from Belgrave site:
Two miles to go and Samantha Amend is on her way to a 2:44:19 timing to lead home a Belgrave trio that won the Women’s Team Competition and the English National Marathon Championship. With Fiona Maycock (2:55:57) and Louise Blizzard (2:58:10) their cumulative time was 8:38:26.  Serpentine Runners had been announced as winners but apparently some of their runners were ineligible so waiting on verification from the Virgin London marathon team.