Run, Sam, Run!

Samantha Amend - GB & England Marathon and Ultra Distance Runner

April 1st – Reading Half Marathon 2012

by Sam Amend - 3rd May 2012 | General News

“Haven’t raced in Reading for 2 years so I was excited to be back and also to catch up with friends from my past work place Symantec… of course also as it was next to the start I got the luxury of preparing in the gym and away from the hoards of runners, some 17,500 that had entered.  I went with pal Jo & john whilst Dave my partner was on the course with his brother getting ready for photo shots in the first few miles.  Onto the race the start was diabolical and nearly missed it due to being redirected along with my friends to the back field to walk along to my pen start area..  how can I be classed as sub elite but getting quicker where they had moved the elite times from 1.20 to 1.15, anyway I weaved through the field to just make start with not even time to start my watch.  the announcer had said lots of time before the start, unfortunately for John he never made his start position and therefore 2 miles in decided to pull out due to the painful shuffling to even get into a comfortable run.  for me the anxiety and stress caused a massive stitch all the way round and even felt breathless a few days later.  Although the course was relatively well routed without that stitch I would have certainly managed a PB but one cant help thinking that there is just too many runners now with all the tight spots.  I tried not to be too despondent finishing in 1.18.07 as I knew i was in good shape and it was a bad day.  On a positive side I finished 6th lady and managed to catch up with some Belgrave team mates.”